SPXTrader Cedar internally uses a part of Scalper algorithm for TradingView along with other models optimized specifically for /ES (and /MES) trades. Due to internal differences between the two systems, the signals generated are different from Scalper algorithm.

Cedar is a combination of multiple trading models developed over time. It compares two timeframes for the underlying algorithm and determines the direction of trades when the two timeframes align. It also trades pullbacks and breakouts/breakdowns.

Here's Cedar's performance on /ES TradingView (Apr 6 - May 30 2020)

Cedar Performance

Here's Cedar's performance on /ES TradingView (May 1 - Jun 12 2020)

Here's Cedar's performance on /ES TradingView (Oct 25 2020 - Feb 12 2021)

TradingView does not have historical data for backtesting longer periods than above

Note that Cedar generates fewer signals than Scalper. This helps to ensure higher quality signals at the cost of missing some longer runs that may be caught via Scalper

The signals from Cedar appear on the chart as shown below


Cedar Strategy is only available for TradingView platform. Other Trading platforms aren't supported yet

Cedar requires access to live data feed for /ES. This access is sometimes available through Brokers (like AMP Futures). If your broker does not provide data feed to TradingView, a CME Globex data subscription is required for Cedar ($2/month) as shown below

In some cases, the $2/month data cannot be added to Basic (Free) TradingView accounts. Please check with TradingView support for the matter.

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The Cedar strategy has been developed and backtested for Emini S&P Futures (/ES and /MES). It contains various trade models and optimizations that are specific to /ES (and /MES). While there are plans to generalize Cedar to other assets, it is only recommended to be used with /ES (or /MES) for now.

Due to slight variations in price/volume, the signals generated across /ES and /MES can vary.


Scalper is a generic strategy and can be applied to a variety of assets (including /ES) whereas Cedar contains various trade models (including the one used by Scalper) and optimizations specific to /ES, leading to better quality signals than Scalper.


Recommended Chart TimeFrame: 5 minutes

S/R Percent Threshold (Default 40) controls the sensitivity of the strategy. The higher the percent threshold, the lower the propensity to follow the trend on semi-extreme conditions. Range (0-99). Values >= 100 may have unspecified reactions.


All trade signal entries and exits are marked on the chart in TradingView. Alerts can be set up for these signals in TradingView as well.

Cedar does not use predefined stops on trades but most exits on a losing trade are under 10 /ES points.


Cedar Strategy alerts can be set up using TradingView.

It is recommended to set up alerts on /ES and /MES  as signals on either asset is equally valid

For Step by Step instructions about setting up alerts, Click here


TradingView strategies DO NOT support AutoTrading custom strategies



Cedar Strategy is available as a subscription for $50 for the first week and $225 per month afterwards.

Free trials are no longer available for Cedar. If you've previously subscribed to Cedar, please re-subscribe here

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